For Business and Industry Professionals

A cohesive team is more effective in contributing to the company's bottom line. A staff that has superior people skills will outperform your competitors, to the benefit of your customers and clients. Diversity Perspectives™ prepares your associates to succeed in the rapidly expanding global marketplace.

The training program is a combination of active, passive and reflective components, and customized to the issues facing your organization. All the simulations and trainings are based on real life scenarios. Contrary to an off-the-shelf video or boring lecture presentation, participants in our programs think on their feet, interact in unfamiliar situations, and step outside their cultural boxes.

"The diversity training has a lasting effect that I recall every time I deal with someone who may speak differently or look differently than I do. I remember that, to them, I am also different. This training has given me awareness that I never had and has improved my performance as a professional in the business world."

     – Matt Saltzer, Owner, Rolka Loube Saltzer Associates

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