Professional Development for Educators and Administrators

Teachers, school principals, central administration staff and others rely on Diversity Perspectives™ to break down cultural barriers, help the staff better communicate with diverse student populations, and prepare their students for the global workforce. Diversity Perspectives™ training provides valuable shifts in attitudes, appreciation, and understanding of individuals with diverse perspectives, ethnicity, race, and religion, which transcends interactions with students and other staff. Exposure to these broad perspectives affects attitudes communicated to the future generation.

Diversity Perspectives™ performs group cross–cultural simulations for the administration, school heads, counseling staff, nursing staff, lead teachers and others who interact with our youth. Each program is customized to specific staff needs, and provides flexibility to fit into a variety of schedules, professional development or continuing education days.

The 5–7 simulations and in–depth staff training program can accommodate 15–100 staff members per day. The simulations are professionally performed with some being active, passive or reflective. The staff training focuses directly on issues facing the district. This is not a video or lecture presentation; the simulations and training are based on real life scenarios. They require staff to think on their feet, to interact in unfamiliar situations, and to explore outside their cultural comfort zones.

"I have attended professional development training programs for more than 20 years. This is the best I have ever seen. It´s interactive. It´s challenging. It really makes you think."

–Rosemary Mentesana, Director of Pupil Services, Nazareth Area School District.

Simulation Debriefing for Nazareth Area School District Central Office Staff

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